5V Stepper Motor
This is the 28BYJ-48 unipolar stepper motor. It is small and it is great for getting started with st..
Ball Caster
This is a very cheap ball caster, yet it is metal and powerful. The ball caster is basically like a ..
Brushless Motor
This is a DJI 2212 920KV Brushless DC Motor (BLDC motor or BL motor) that is also called Electronica..
Cooling Fan - 5V
DC Motor
Motor specification: 15 * 20 MMMotor height: 29 MM (including the bearing sleeve, excluding the outp..
Geared DC Motor
The micro geared DC motor N29 is very tough and features full metal gears. It can operate up to 12 v..
Geared Motor and Wheel
This product  is made up of a geared motor and a 65mm wheel with a black rubber tire. They are ..
Large DC Motor
This large DC motor is a popular choice for many DIY projects that include robotics, RC cars and..
Metal Servo Hub
This is a metal servo hub that can be mounted on a servo motors like MG995 for example.Features:Mate..
Metal Universal Joint
This joint can be used with brushed and small brushless motors in the RC cars and boats. It is easy..
Micro DC Motor
Motor size : 6 * 8 MMElectric Height : 20 MM ( excluding the output shaft )Motor weight : 3 gOutput ..
Micro Screw Gear Motor
Specifications:Commutation: BrushTorque: 1.5KG/cmContinuous Current(A): 0.1AType: Gear MotorSpeed(RP..
Micro Servo
The Tower Pro SG90 Mini Servo is a low-cost, well specified servo ideal for use in radio-controlled ..
Micro Servo - Continuous Rotation
The Tower Pro SG90 Mini Servo is a low-cost, well-specified servo ideal for use in radio-controlled ..
Micro Servo - Metal Gear
This is the MG90S metal gear micro servo motor. Its rotation range is up to 180 degrees (90 in each ..
NEMA 14 Stepper Motor
Nema 14 size 35mm(1.4inch), This size stepper motor was developed primarily for users who have a res..
Omni Wheel
This is an omni wheel with free rotating rollers around the circumference which means the wheel can ..
Pan Tilt Servo Mount
Aluminium Pan and Tilt for horizontal surface, unassembledUsing two servos (MG995 or HS322, HS422, H..
Servo Bracket
The servo bracket pan/tilt is usually used with SG90 Servos (9g).  It consists of 4 parts; the ..
Servo Motor (Constant Rotation)
This constant rotation servo provides great torque. It can turn in only one direction at a constant ..
Servo Motor (Limited Rotation)
This unit comes with a 30cm wire and 3 pin ‘S’ type female header connector that fits with most rece..
This pull-push type solenoid electromagnet is widely used in office equipment, printers, fax machine..
Solenoid Valve
Material: Metal + plasticVoltage:DC 12VInlet and outlet:hose barbs for 1/2″ (outer  diameter) h..
Submersible Water Pump
This is the submersible water pump; its motor driving mode is brushless DC magnetic. This means that..
Water Pump
The mini water pump is great for aquariums, water fountains, fish tanks, garden watering, bird bath,..
Servo Extension Cable (m/m)
This servo extension cable is 15cm long, it is mainly used in applications where the servo is far fr..
Servo Extension Cable (m/f)
This servo extension cable is 15cm long, it is mainly used in applications where the servo is far fr..
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