USBasp programmer enables you to program Atmel AVR controllers using a firmware-only USB driver. All you need to do is, connect the USB to your computer and start downloading the code to the AVR controller using an ISP cable that comes with it.

The USBasp works with many operating systems like Windows, MacOS, and Linux. It also comes with a programming speed up to 5KB/s and an SCK option to support targets with low clock speed < 1.5 MHz.

The hardware consists of an ATmega 8 and a few passive components. The programmer specifications are listed below:

  • Atmega8 (L) chip
  • 2x LEDs | green and red
  • Onboard overcurrent for current protection
  • JP1 supply target to control the power on the ISP
  • JP2 self-program to update the firmware
  • JP3 slow SCK to support targets with a low clock speed
  • Vcc connector: set to 3.3/5V
  • ISP-10 pins IDC
  • USB type A.

Check out the user guide for more info here.

Product Code: AVR Program LC-01 51
Availability: 13

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