Ender-3 is a high-performance 3D printer engineered by Creality to deliver premium results with a large build volume at an affordable price. One of its best features is the power recovery mode that allows you to recover and resume printing after a power off. Another great feature is the removable and yet flexible heated build plate that will make your life a lot easier!

Ender-3 is an open-source, semi-assembled 3D printer kit with a print area of 22x22x25 cm. Assembling the printer is a simple process as you will find a detailed instructions manual along with the parts and tools to put it together.

The package contains a variety of tools to assemble the printer and for day-to-day use:

  • Printer, printer parts, nozzle, bed
  • 8 GB SD card, software and demo files
  • Micro-USB adapter
  • Nozzle cleaner
  • Spatula
  • Snips
  • Sample filament | 15g
  • Tools kit (for assembly)
  • Power supply ( input: 110-220V ,output: 24V, 15A)
  • Instructions manual
  • Screwdrivers and labeled screws
  • Spanner
  • Hex key

Find out more by checking the online copy of the instructions manual here

Ender-3 is an FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) printer that uses filament with the following specifications:

  • Filaments type: PLA, ABS, TPU
  • Filaments diameter: 1.75 mm

The printer size is very convenient and can fit nearly everywhere! The following will shed the light on the important printer specifications:

  • Machine size: 44x44.1x46.5 cm
  • Printing size (xyz): 22x22x25 cm
  • Extruder type: single
  • Extruder size: 1.7 mm
  • Nozzle diameter: 0.4 mm
  • precision : ± 0.1 mm
  • Layer thickness: 0.1 - 0.4 mm
  • Traveling speed: 180 mm/s
  • Max extruder temperature: 255 °C
  • Max heated bed temperature: 110 °C

Software and System Requirements:

Many software can be used to prepare your print files and settings with Ender-3. The recommended software is Cura which is available on many operating systems like Windows, Mac OSX and Linux and can offer the printer with the right file formats: STL, OBJ, and G-code.

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