A potentiometer is merely a fixed value resistor with a special sliding arm which allows you to select as much of the resistance value as you want by turning a control shaft. Potentiometers, therefore, have three terminals: one each connected to the ends of the ‘resistor’ element itself, and one connected to the sliding section.

Sometimes an extra pair of terminals is provided on the rear of the case- this is an on/off switch, also actuated by the shaft.

Potentiometers are sometimes polarised: check the circuit for connection details. More can be known about the piece specifications

  • Potentiometers: 10kΩ
  • Power rating: 50mW
  • Track resistance: 10kohm
  • Resistance tolerance: ±20%
  • Series: RK09
  • Operating temperature range: -10°C to +60°C
  • Resistor element Type: Carbon
  • Adjustment type: Vertical
  • Termination type: Solder
  • Case style: PCB Mount
  • End resistance: 10Kohm
  • Full power rating temperature: 70°C
  • Resistance: 10kohm
  • Rotation mechanical angle: 280°C
  • Terminal type: PCB Terminals
  • Voltage rating AC: 50V
  • Voltage Rating DC: 20V
  • No. of turns: 1
  • Shaft diameter: 6mm
  • Track taper: Linear
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