The resistor kit is a must for every hobbyist! This kit contains 18 different values, for each of these values there are 15 pieces. The resistors values are: 4.7 Ohm, 10 Ohm, 47 Ohm, 100 Ohm, 220 Ohm, 330 Ohm, 470 Ohm, 680 Ohm, 1k Ohm, 2.2k Ohm, 3.3k Ohm, 4.7k Ohm, 10k Ohm, 22k Ohm, 47k Ohm, 100 Ohm, 330k Ohm, and 1M Ohm. Also on the back of the kit cover there’s a table that demonstrates how to read values based on its own color code.


  • Number of resistor values: 18
  • Number of resistors from each value: 15
  • Total number of resistors: 18 x 10 = 180
Product Code: Resistor Kit
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