This is a Thermoelectric Cooler (also called TEC or Peltier). It is a plate that can be used either to cool to icy cold level or to heat the environment you put in to boiling point level. This item can be used in many different applications like CPUs, Food or Drinks cooling boxes, CCD cameras, and laser diodes.


  • Moisture-proof
  • Type: TEC1-12706
  • Maximum Power: 50W @ 25˚C and 57W @ 50˚C
  • Maximum Voltage: 14.4V @ 25˚C and 16.4V  @ 50˚C
  • Thermocouples: 127
  • Dimensions: 40 x 40 x 3.9mm
Product Code: TEC1-12706
Availability: 32

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