This pull-push type solenoid electromagnet is widely used in office equipment, printers, fax machines, punch machines, copiers, typewriters, cash registers, plotters, water dispensers, Transportation equipment, automatic door locks, safety belt lock, auto solenoid valve, parking equipment, recorders, video recorders, organ, automatic knitting machine, etc. Solenoids of this category work externally through pulling pushing in plunger.

  • Voltage: DC 3-12V
  • Rated Current: 0.1-0.3A
  • Action Form: Pull by the return spring and push by the electromagnet force
  • Rated Stroke: about 2.5mm
  • Cable Length: Approx. 10cm
  • External Material: Metal
  • Weight: 12g
Brand: Hobby District
Product Code: Solenoid
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