Nema 14 size 35mm(1.4inch), This size stepper motor was developed primarily for users who have a restricted installation depth available and where a stepper motor with a construction size of Nema 11 Stepper Motor is too long and a construction size of Nema 16 Stepper Motor is too big. Motor torque from 5Ncm( to 40Ncm(56.7oz-in).
You can also distinguish them with 0.9 Degree Stepper Motor (400 steps/revolution) and 1.8 Degree Stepper Motor (200 steps/revolution), Unipolar Stepper Motor and Bipolar Stepper Motor, Squar Stepper Motor and Round Stepper Motor.
You might find our Nema 14 stepper motor at the application: 3D printer, CNC machines, Prototyping machines, Precision Telescope, Pick and place machines, Linear actuators, Analytical and Medical Instruments.

Motor TypeBipolar Stepper
Step Angle1.8°
Holding Torque18Ncm(
Rated Current/phase0.8A
Phase Resistance6.8ohms
Recommended Voltage12-24V
Product Code: NEMA 14
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