The NodeMCU is simple to use, open source IoT microcontroller based on ESP866 with a Wi-Fi module. The NodeMCU has Arduino-like hardware IO and can even be programmed using the Arduino IDE, making it the equivalent of an Arduino Uno with a built-in WiFi module. It also provides event-driven API for network applications in Nodejs, which will help build fast and efficient IoT projects.

The Microcontroller comes with the following specs:

  • CPU: ESP866 (LX106)
  • Memory: 128 KB
  • Storage: 4 MB


NodeMcu comes with 10 GPIO pins, PWM, I2C & SPI communications, ADC and 1-wire systems. Also, it has two switches reset and flash found on the top of the board. Besides a micro-USB port to power it up with 5V and enables connecting it directly to the computer.

Check out NodeMcu firmware to get started:

Product Code: NodeMcu
Availability: 12

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