Copper Tape
The copper tape is a pretty handy tool. It’s quite like wires, where it can carry current and is eas..
Digital Caliper- 15cm
It’s a useful tool that you need to have in your workshop where it provides a quick and accurate..
Digital Multimeter
The digital multimeter is a very essential tool for electronics hobbyists. you can use it to measure..
Solder Spool
The solder spool is one of the essential tools for electronics hobbyists. It is basically a metal wi..
Solder Vacuum
The solder vacuum is a great tool for solder rework. To use this tool you have to melt the solder by..
Solder Wick
The solder wick is a tool that you can use to remove the solder. It is like a rope where you put it ..
Soldering Station
This is the ATTEN 938D soldering station. It consists of control panel, soldering iron, soldering ir..
Third Hand with Magnifying Glass
This is a very high quality third hand (also called helping hand). It has a magnifying glass with LE..
Wire Cutter
This tool is used to cut your wires...
Wire Stripper
The wire stripper is a tool that is used to strip the wire core from its cover. It is labeled with t..
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